1. What is Spell It Right (SIR) Challenge?

    The SIR Challenge is a spelling competition for school students in Malaysia, to provide opportunity to compete with each other and master the spelling skills.
  2. Who are eligible to enter the competition?

    Malaysian students enrolled in primary and secondary schools are eligible to enter the competition. However, the school must follow the Malaysian national education system.
    Students from private schools are also eligible to participate, provided that they are Malaysian citizens and their school follows the Malaysian national education system.
  3. How many categories will there be?

    The competition is divided into two categories:
    • Primary school category (Year 1 to Year 6)
    • Secondary school category (Form 1 to Form 5)
  4. What is the English spelling used for this competition?

    This spelling competition accepts ONLY British spelling.
  5. How long is the competition period?

    The competition will start from 21st Aug 2017 and ends on 21st Oct 2017.

    Below is the breakdown of each challenge:
    • Online Preliminary Challenge : 21st Aug 2017 – 10th Sep 2017
    • Online State Challenge : 25th Sep 2017 – 4th Oct 2017
    • National Challenge : 21st Oct 2017

What’s New?

  1. What is the difference between SIR 2017 and SIR 2016?

    The difference between SIR 2017 and SIR 2016 is the format for Preliminary & State Challenges. In SIR 2016, the Preliminary Challenge was conducted via a written test and the State Challenge via a verbal test.

    For SIR 2017, the Online Preliminary Challenge & Online State Challenge have been introduced instead. Both challenges will be conducted via online, either through a website or a mobile app. Students will be able to participate in this competition from anywhere and at any point of time at their convenience. This enhancement is in line with the current digital transformation and is meant to expose participants to current tech trends.
  2. Is the new format endorsed by Ministry of Education?

    Yes, this new format for the Online Preliminary Challenge & Online State Challenge have been endorsed by the Ministry of Education.
  3. Is there a limit in terms of number of students who can participate in the competition?

    There is no limitation to the number of students participating in the Online Preliminary Challenge. However, for the Online State Challenge only the top 100 for each category per state will be selected to participate at that level.
  4. What are the tools required to enter the Online Preliminary & Online State Challenges?

    In order to participate in these Online Preliminary & Online State Challenges, the students need to ensure they have at least one of the following devices with an active Internet connection:
    • Desktop computer
    • Laptop computer
    • Mobile phone
    • Tablet
  5. Where can students register to participate?

    There are two options for registration:
    • Website: Please register at sir.nstp.com.my
    • SIR App: The app can be downloaded at iTunes for iOS users or the Google Play Store for Android users.
  6. What are the names of the website and the app?

    Website: sir.nstp.com.my
    App: SIR Challenge
  7. Do students need to go through the school in order to enter the competition?

    As the two challenges will be conducted online, it is not necessary for students to enter the competition through their schools.
    However, for students who face limitations in using mobile phones/ tablets/ computers/ laptops (example: boarding school students), they are encouraged to use the computers at the school lab (at the discretion of the school/teachers).
  8. Is there any difference if a participant uses the app vs the website?

    There is no difference in using either one as the participants will be using the QWERTY format keypad.
  9. What are the criteria in selecting the winners for the online challenges?

    The winner for these two challenges will be selected based on the following criteria:
    • The most number of correct words spelled, and
    • The fastest time recorded to spell all the words
  10. How many times can one participant take part in the competition?

    The participants can only take part in the competition ONCE. If the participant has started the challenge, they cannot pause or stop in between the time allocated.
  11. What are the criteria for participating in the Online State Challenge?

    The top 100 from each category, namely primary & secondary schools, from the Online Preliminary Challenge will be selected to participate in the Online State Challenge based on the criteria already mentioned above.

    Upon completion of the Online State Challenge, the top 14 from each state and each category will be selected to participate in the final stage, the National Challenge.
  12. Is there a panel of judges assigned for Online Preliminary & Online State Challenges?

    There is no panel of judges assigned for the Online Preliminary & Online State Challenges.
    However, there will be judges assigned during the final stage which is the National Challenge.
  13. Is there any fee imposed to enter the competition?

    There is no fee required to enter the competition.
  14. Will there be a score leaderboard to show results for Online Preliminary & Online State Challenges?

    There will be no score leaderboard to show the results. The results obtained will be retained by the Organisers to determine the top 100 for each category in each state and to get the state winners to represent the states.
  15. Will a certificate be given to the participants?

    Yes, participants will be given an e-certificate upon completion of each challenge. This e-certificate will be sent to their registered email.
  16. How will I know if I made it to the next level?

    The top 100 participants selected from Online Preliminary Challenge and top 14 from Online State Challenge will be informed via 2 mediums:
    • Email: The Organisers will email to inform the selected participants of each challenge
    • Website: The Organisers will announce the list of selected participants here
    Online Preliminary Challenge : by 20th September 2017
    Online State Challenge : 9th October onwards
  17. Do I need an email address?

    Yes, it is important to have an email address to participate in the challenge. All communication with the participants will be through this email address.
  18. In previous SIRs, the teacher(s) from each school used one email address to register students. Will this be allowed in this year’s challenge?

    Each registration will require one unique email address for each participant.
    Thus, for participants who do not have an email address, you may use your parent’s or guardian’s email address.

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